Design that reflects brand personality

One Albania

Strategic advantage through distinct colour


How to rebrand the very successful established retail concept?

How to retain the foundation of the original retail concept design, but introduce a new brand identity and completely different brand personality? 

Following the takeover by 4iG in Hungary in 2022, the whole store network of 128 One Telecommunication stores across Albania and a vast number of ALBtelecom stores were to be re-branded and rebuilt with a fresh brand identity.

The new ONE brand identity created by McCann Budapest, was designed for ‘print & digital’ purposes, and our task was to turn it into physical retail brand.


How to integrate a brand with very different personality and values?

  • From ‘respected’ to ‘liked’
  • From ‘expert’ to ‘approachable’
  • From ‘professional’ to ‘relaxed’
  • From ‘inspirational’ to ‘grounded’

So we created a warmer, cosier and more welcoming environment. We utilised the existing store layout and retail infrastructure, minimising disruption to the store network and keeping the investment to a minimum.

How to use the new dominant colour of ‘purple’ in retail environment.

The store environment was to be changed from ‘blue’ to a new brand colour of ‘purple’. To make this aggressive colour more approachable we introduced ‘shades’ of purple and complemented it with shades of warm neutral colour tones. The intention being to create an interior with a relaxed homely feel. 

Establishing the new retail logo.

The original logo by McCann was designed for digital/ print applications, our task was to make it work in the real-world retail environment.

Our solution was to re-proportion the logo, increase the size of the word-mark in comparison to logo icon to make it readable.

The store façade colour was changed from original black colour to new shade of purple, creating a visually appealing façade that was essential for this convenience/proximity driven retail experience.

The store as a billboard.

Reinventing our hugely successful retail strategy for the future, where we use the prominent store facades as a marketing medium to talk directly to the customers. We used over 150 store locations for this purpose, making marketing very relevant/prominent.  


Our challenge? To reinvent our iconic and recognisable ‘split store’ concept for the new brand. To improve defined customer journey and store layout concept that functions well, while keeping spend to a minimum.

Our solution was to retain the main functionality of the store, the layout, customer experience and staff functions. We identified where we can retain and repurpose the existing shop fixtures and materials i.e. wooden floors/ lighting/ infrastructure. We invested in the areas that makes the strongest impact and benefit most from the change i.e. replace blue floor with neutral grey, amend the shop fixtures with new design, add new colour pallet, graphics and signage concepts. Details were selected to redefine the relationship with the customer.

Although the store footprint is very similar to the original design, it now appears as a completely new store concept. Its bight, bold, positive and reflects the new brand values.

New landline, Internet and TV services from ALBtelecom product portfolio were introduced seamlessly into the stores product portfolio.


Store refit with a new brand identity started in autumn 2022 and 150+ One Albania stores now reflect the new brand values with colour recognition is at every customers touch point.


“We have been working with KVB for many years now, during which we have gone through two important rebranding processes. They have been a huge help with strategic concepts during our merging period, before two companies became One Albania, while finally aiding in the creation of our new Brand Guidelines.

Their great work for curating our brand image, their creativity and passion while doing it, really makes a difference in the execution of what they deliver.  

Working with KVB means bringing great ideas to the table. It’s always enjoyable to collaborate with them.

Thankful for turning their unique perspective into a successful output for One Albania. Highly recommended for their diligence, creativity, and dedication.”

Arta Mahila

Head of Marketing Communications

One Albania


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