Ownable brand identity
& hierarchy of communication

Mega Image

New interiors branding concept


Mega Image, the leading supermarket chain in Romania is transforming.

This year the transformation continued instore, where our new in-store branding and signage concept. The instore branding was used to establish a hierarchy of information and be easy for customers to follow, be flexible to apply and communicate the company’s core values in an authentic way.


Our instore branding focused on creating a seamless shopping experience to the customers. The new concept establishes recognisable and ownable brand identity and ‘ties’ the whole store together.

The signage hierarchy highlights the key product zones with supporting category and subcategory signage and is applied to price and promotional communication level.

Signage is created of fine mesh with bold lettering and the stripe motive of Mega Image main brand is continued in the instore application.

New distinctive colour palette is designed to support top level product categories and Mega Image own brands. It binds together all areas of the store such as all product areas, brand and price communication, and a store ambience.


The brand red colour is selectively used in the brand touchpoint areas, such as cashiers, customer service, information points and staff uniforms. This assists in communicating brand values in a consistent way and making the brand red to stand out.

Interior improvements in painting the walls in warm grey colour assists in calming the environment and creating a backdrop to the new branding.


The new concept is standardised for ease of application across Mega Image store network. The concept principles are summarised in the implementation guide manual explaining how to apply the new instore branding into the stores with various sizes and footprints.

The concept is in the process of national rollout throughout 2022-23 across Mega Image large store network of over 800 stores in Romania.


“With KVB expertise and working closely, we’ve build projects with a footprint for our brand, Mega Image: from our loyalty program, Connect, to our stores re-branding recently launched. What makes KVB relevant and different is borderless creativity and dedication”

Adrian Nicolaescu
Vice President marketing, communication and e-commerce
Mega Image


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