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Mega Image

Mega Apetit


Mega Image are the leading supermarket chain in Romania with a network of over 800 stores, operating a wide variety of store formats from convenience stores to large concept stores.


Following on from our successful rebrand of Shop&Go, we were asked to create the façade and signage concept for a new retail store incorporating Mega Apetit. The new retail concept, positioned in a shopping centre food hall, would compete against fast food sellers with a practical, ready-to-eat, food collection.


The façade needed to follow the Shop&Go aesthetic, but feature the new colour and branding of Mega Apetit. It was important to retain a strong visual link with the Shop&Go stores previously created by KVB Design.

The new Mega Apetit façade concept added a new twist to the Shop&Go store design, designed to clearly communicate the new & fresh product offer to the passing customer. The window artwork was re-developed to reflect the fresh, ready to eat food offer.


The first store which opened in the Plaza Romania shopping centre in Bucharest has been very well received by customers, filling a gap in the market between traditional fast food outlets and traditional supermarkets.



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