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United Saks Fifth Avenue Amenity Kit


Founded in 1993 Linstol is the preferred supplier to the world’s leading airlines, providing in-flight passenger products. Linstol has supplied more than 175 worldwide airlines with a compelling range of more than 300 different cabin-related passenger products such as amenity kits, comfort products, disposables and headsets.



In summer 2017 United partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue, an American luxury department store, with the intention of featuring this iconic brand on their aircraft amenity products. We were asked to design a range of amenity bags to reflect the values and design language of this iconic brand.


The chosen concept featured rectangular bag design that is complimented by an angular zip appearing as if to ‘slice through’ the design.

When closed the bag design offer a simple, effective look with the angle of the zip adding a balanced design edge.

When open the bag appears bigger on the inside and two angular sections reveal the product within in a calm, controlled style. Combination of different colour materials, ribbon and piping outside and herringbone pattern inside, the bag reflects the design language of Saks Fifth Avenue.

The contents of the bag offer added comfort and include refreshing items from Soho House & Co’s Cowshed Spa and a newly redesigned signature padded eye mask and cosy, fashionable socks.
The Saks Fifth Avenue amenity bags and other products were featured in 2017 on over 120,000 United flights to destinations ranging from Sydney to Scotland, Dublin to Delhi and Beijing to Buenos Aires.


KVB Design and Linstol win Gold at the Travel Plus awards 2018. We were awarded the honour for our work carried out in collaboration with the brand Saks Fifth Avenue winning best Business Class kit for The Americas.




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