Carefully curated collections
for urban & smart living.

Konzept Haus Interiors

Global Concept


New retail brand Konzept Haus Interiors offers innovative and carefully curated design collections for ‘urban and smart living’. New brand falls under the umbrella GARANT Group, the international B2B home buying group, brings together global buying know-how and local market knowledge, developing successful business concepts across the world.  


With long international experience designing retail concepts for home and furniture brands, KVB Design was approached to assist with developing the new Konzept Haus Interiors concept. The brief was to create a unique retail concept to feature carefully curated design collections for ‘urban and smart living’ home environment.


When we are approached to create a new retail concept for a new brand, we always ask the same question “Why?”.

The fundamental questions “why” should I visit the store, “why” should I come back again, “why” is the store better than an online alternative?

We answer this fundamental question by focusing on two simple words, “the customer”. The customer’s needs, customer’s experience, and the customer’s desires. The new Konzept Haus retail concept answers these pivotal questions by focusing on the customer from the very beginning, in every detail.

The story of the Konzept Haus retail concept can be told in 5 quotes:

  1. “Try on your furniture” – the mantra of the Konzept Haus retail experience. Taking inspiration from the very best retail experiences found in high-end fashion and automotive brands. We connect the customer with the product, this experience is only available in a physical retail environment, where the customer can experience 6 carefully curated ‘houses’.
  2. “Create your collection” – the philosophy of the whole retail concept. The store is designed to take customers on a journey through 6 distinct houses, each displaying a curated style to inspire the customer. This journey guides the customer to create their own bespoke collection for their own home. Each store is planned to allow a sense of exploration, without rigidly defined ways of navigating the store.
  3. “Discover a home that reflects you” – wall-to-wall mirrors are fundamental to the retail concept, allowing the customer to be enveloped in their future life within their collection of furniture. The power of mirrors creates prime retail space even in the smallest corner of every store. Between each ‘house’ we create angled openings which invite a glimpse through to the next style, balancing both the intimacy people expect from a home environment and an openness which makes for a pleasant retail experience.
  4. “Meet your personal design stylist” – at the terminus of the customer journey the customer arrives at a glazed design studio which sits at the heart of the store. Within this consultation studio the customer works with their own personal design stylist to create their own bespoke collection. In this area the store becomes the hub that ties together the customer, the designer, the product, the materials, and the best of online services.
  5. “Let us tailor the furniture to you” – the Konzept Haus store does not impose ‘one size fits all’ ideas on the customer, the store empowers the customer to create their own bespoke combination or homewares. The store environment creates an environment which provides an aspirational experience for customers who want more than ‘off the shelf’ found elsewhere. Finally, the store experience provides a platform to arrange a consultation in the customer’s home, connecting retail to the most important space in the customer’s life – their own home.

In every detail of the retail experience from customer journey to interior design the new Konzept Haus retail concept answers the question of “Why?”. The store meets the customer’s needs in a way that embraces the best of retail, online, customer service and brand experience



The new 500sq meter Konzept Haus retail concept showroom is now complete and tested, ready for global rollout. The new and unique retail concept has received incredibly positive feedback by European furniture press and lots of interest globally.


The concept looks amazing and functions incredibly well! Thank you.  

Hinrich Cordts, Managing Director

Konzept Haus Interiors



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