Concept to fit All Sizes
of Retail Footprint




Cosmote is the largest mobile network operator in Greece, headquartered in Athens. Cosmote is a fully owned subsidiary of the Helleni Telecommunications Organization (OTE) the incumbent telecommunications provider in Greece. In all trading markets Cosmote counts approximately 15.6 million customers.


Approached by Cosmote to evaluate and redesign the existing
Cosmote stores, KVB Design had to create a new retail store concept
that had the ability to fit all sizes of retail footprint – the intention
being to show respect for the consumer and offer them the very best
experience regardless of location and size.


We began work on a store concept by creating a ‘mock store’ and three ‘live’ pilot stores, a flagship, mid-size and small-format store. The product was presented as the ‘hero’ at the most shoppable height, in the right location and with the right neighbours, positioned with a very non-descript  background ensuring that the product does not fight for space.

The customer was able to focus on each and every individual product while a considered hierarchy leads the customer from one product to the next and assists with the up-selling of product ranges. New category signage and clear colour coding of the store clearly assisted customers to approach the relevant products areas. 


The new store concept was successfully rolled out in 50+ Cosmote stores across Greece.


“We very successfully worked together with the KVB Design retail experts, for the evolutionary development of the Cosmote telecom retail distribution channel. The result to our hand to hand cooperation is the very stable maintenance of the leader’s position. The Cosmote stores have proven to be the most effective and productive stores in their retail field compared to the similar competition across Europe.

Giovanni Dimitriadis,
Retail R&D Senior Manager


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