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Christmas with Beckworth Emporium

Seasonal campaign


Our ongoing collaboration with Beckworth Emporium, the retail and dining destination in Northamptonshire, UK, was celebrated with a launch of a new comprehensive Christmas campaign – Christmas with Beckworth Emporium.


Beckworth Emporium is a preferred shopping and dining destination to many of its customers and there was a need to create a seasonal theme to celebrate this connection.


With this year’s Christmas Campaign, our aim was to create a warm, welcoming and cosy theme to make the visitors of Beckworth happy, jolly and full of festive feel. Focus was on the word of CHRISTMAS and the communication strategy highlighted selected phrases to celebrate Christmas with Beckworth, in the Glasshouse Restaurant, in the Foodhall and sell the trees in the Christmas Tree market etc.

Graphical illustrations were created by using Beckworth pattern, making it familiar to the Beckworth customers. The pattern was overlayed onto the coloured background much like the main brand communication with Christmas messages creating another layer.

The seasonal scheme was introduced into online communication materials, social media, Christmas menus and other printed materials, that are prevalent across the whole Emporium.


To make Beckworth customers to join the festive spirit, there was a need to give seasonal feel to the Restaurant in the Glasshouse.

The Christmas decorations at the restaurant were carefully selected to enhance the original interior design scheme. Large fairy-light balls were hung from the central metal structures, making the whole space to glow.

Oversize wreaths were created to be positioned in front of the large bespoke mirrors and reflect the Christmas feel across the whole restaurant.


I didn’t think I’d ever write a review for a garden centre cafe/ restaurant, but the one here is outstanding and noteworthy. The breakfast was very high quality indeed…. choices comprehensive and well thought out… the staff who are lovely. 

In terms of garden centre itself, its stunning… the whole place has an ultra quality feel.

If I lived closer, I’d be a regular visitor!   

Jed M, Surrey UK


Beckworth Emporium Christmas
Beckworth Emporium Restaurant Christmas
Beckworth Emporium Christmas Campaign
Beckworth Emporium Restaurant
Beckworth Emporium Christmas Campaign
Beckworth Emporium branding
Beckworth Emporium Christmas Campaign


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