Combining brand legacy
with new experiences.

Beckworth Emporium

The Restaurant in the Glasshouse


An independent business, situated in rural Northamptonshire, Beckworth Emporium has for many years provided a combination of Food, Gifts and Garden supplies along with an Award-Winning restaurant employing close to 200 local people.


When we were approached to create a new restaurant for Beckworth Emporium, the challenge was clear – how do we create something newer, bigger and better while retaining the unique experience that loyal customers know and love? The original restaurant evolved over many years to win a place in customers hearts and minds.

The task to significantly extend the glasshouse was to accommodate over 400 customers, new kitchen, warehouse and offices. A challenge was to tie together the brand-new glasshouse building with the existing infrastructure and capture the essence of the the original restaurant experience and instill this into every part of the interior.


Before beginning the design process we spent many hours with David Brown, the founder of Beckworth Emporium, to absorb his knowledge and experience of the much-loved restaurant.

We conducted an extensive daylight study to control the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Creating a personal dining experience

The scale of the space created a unique challenge – how do you create a 400-cover restaurant that gives a personal experience to each individual customer? We put ourselves in the customers shoes; whether celebrating a birthday over afternoon tea, enjoying a quiet breakfast in the morning sun, or meeting a friend for coffee. The restaurant had to cater to every occasion.

We considered how 400+ people can enjoy the space alongside seamless service operations. The space was visually divided into several zones to aid circulation, add intimacy and create atmosphere.

Alfresco dining was part of the restaurant’s heritage, we referenced this by wrapping the entire glasshouse with a glazed canopy, giving the customer the best of the indoor/outdoor experience. The canopy detailing is a signature of the new restaurant, that can be felt throughout the interior design. We punctuated the internal space through the placement of two pavilion structures, this creates a sense of grandeur, while creating an intimate dining environment at the heart of the restaurant.

Making an entrance

The anthracite metalwork of the internal and external structures makes a statement, which is mirrored in the restaurant facade, creating a sense of brand theatre when stepping from the bustling retail space into the relaxed restaurant environment. A bay-window structure provides a glimpse into the restaurant from the retail space, focusing views on to the 4-meter-tall sculptural tree installation.

Setting the scene

Detailing is key to creating an inviting space given such scale. Colours are subtle, warm and natural creating a luxurious feel. Dark timbers, tan and chocolate leathers all sit beautifully amongst luscious greenery. The planting scheme utilises large scale plants to break up the space, with planted troughs and trailing plants hang from structures to build upon the glasshouse feel.

Ceramic flooring unites the unique indoor/outdoor space that the original restaurant was renowned for, its warm tone creating a relaxed feel. Intricate detail tiles evoke glasshouse floor vents and run as a feature around the perimeter of each space.

Elevating the experience

The bar is positioned at the heart of the restaurant, housing everything the staff need to create delicious treats for the customers, including state-of-the-art Modbar coffee systems. We designed quality in from the start, including iGuzzini lighting throughout, bespoke Andy Thornton metalwork structures and furniture, all placed on Solus Ceramics tile flooring.


Over 400 customers can simultaneously enjoy the new restaurant, spread over 800 square meters of carefully considered interior and exterior. The design encourages each customer to find their own favourite spot, from the warm sunshine of the south terrace to the intimate banquette booths. The restaurant opened in May 2021 to an incredible response from customers, put simply by a customer on opening day: “It’s like Beckworth, but better.


Everything looked amazing!!  We absolutely love the new restaurant. The customer feedback has been amazing!  

David Brown, Co-Owner

Beckworth Emporium



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