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Founded in 1995 by Kevin Beard, after gaining extensive international experience by leading retail design for many international premium brands. Kevin steered these brands to develop their brand environments whilst embracing the dynamically changing world of consumer behaviour.

KVB Design was born from a desire to offer elevated design services and a personal relationship between the client and designer; for the creative ideas to be understood and implemented. 


Setting trends in all areas of retail experience is where we thrive. From our heritage of working with international furniture industry brands such as Ikea, Habitat and Rolf Benz to high-end audio experiences with recognised brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Meridian, Harman, and Monster.
Telecom retail has been a cornerstone of our portfolio, including brands such as Cosmote, Germanos, OTE and most recently One Telecommunications in Albania.

We have worked extensively in the food retail industry from the Gourmet Panorama food-hall to the Mega Image family of brands. More recently we have focused on the leisure and hospitality industries, creating Café concepts for Coffee Island, Reval Café and Restaurants for Beckworth Emporium to name but a few.


We understand that ‘the things you don’t see’ are as important as ‘the things that you do see’. We believe that you must first start with the customer psychology before applying the function and aesthetics. 

We always start the design process by asking the same fundamental question “Why?”.

“Why” should the customer visit the store, “why” should they interact with the brand, “why” should they eat here again? We answer this question by focusing on the customer’s needs,
their experience, and their desires. Customer psychology is the foundation of our commercial approach.


We summarise our design process in three steps – Identify, Create, Implement.

We excel at diagnosing challenges, identifying new opportunities, and prescribing the best course of action.

Throughout the design process we identify the best tools for the job, from sketches to 3D visualisations and everything in between. From concept drawings to technical details, we work with manufacturers and suppliers to bring the design in to reality.


Our studio is made up of a team of multi-disciplinary designers with a wide breadth of specialist knowledge, covering all areas of interior design, brand development and customer psychology.

Our core design team collaborate on every project, bringing a wealth of experience and fresh ideas to every design.

Our creativity is built on open dialogue and collaboration with our clients, combing their in-depth knowledge with our creativity and expertise. Each member of our core design team works directly with the client, helping them to translate their ideas into engaging brand experiences.


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