Grounded. Horticulture. Heritage.
Welcoming. Future.

Bosworth’s Garden Company

New Brand Identity


Bosworth’s is an independent family-owned Garden Company established in 1959 in rural Northamptonshire, UK. Bosworth’s has current Garden Centres in Burton Latimer and Elton, with plans to expand and build a new centre in Irthlingborough, UK.


We created a new brand identity for Bosworth’s. The new identity was created as an evolution of this heritage brand, based on the three pillars – grow, eat, home.

Our challenge was to balance the needs of the future with the legacy of the successful business built up over many years.

How to grow the independent brand from a ‘single’ garden centre location into a ‘multiple’ brand? – We renamed the Garden ‘Centre’ to become a Garden ‘Company’. A small change signalling the scale and breadth of the growing business.

How to create a brand that truly reflects the modern business? – The original brand was built around Horticulture. The new Bosworth’s is a fusion of Horticulture, Dining and Home, this is reflected in every part of the new identity.

How to position the brand correctly? – The new Bosworth’s combines the honest horticultural heritage (e.g. nursery), with a more premium experience that can be found in the cafes (e.g. afternoon tea).

How to establish an ‘ownable’ brand that can expand to a new garden centre HQ? – The ambition was to become more than a ‘local garden centre’, instead to become a brand with both, history and future.

How to tell a story about the brand? – We looked back to the original nursery products sold by Bosworth’s in 1959. We draw inspiration from this and include in the branding the hand-drawn plant leaves to match these products. This forms the basis of the brand pattern. The brand colours are drawn from the Bosworth’s kitchen garden e.g. indigo blue, raspberry red, squash blossom yellow and runner bean green.

How to create assets that are adaptable to many applications? – We created a system of ‘stamps’ that talk with sense and authority, comfortably sitting underneath the main Bosworth’s logo e.g. Established in 1959, Grown by Bosworth’s, Bozzy Recommends. 


The new brand identity was launched in May 2023. The new identity has been gradually filtered down to key aspects of the business including a new website, menus, gift vouchers, uniforms, and marketing materials.



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