Paving the way
to a new brand experience.

One Telecommunications



One Telecommunications is a new telecom retail brand introduced to the Albanian market in September 2020.

Under new ownership the existing Telekom Albania brand (part of the Deutsche Telekom Group) was to change and pave the way to a new brand experience. 


We started our collaboration with Telekom Albania autumn 2019, with the requirement for a totally new retail experience and brand presence.

The whole store network of 128 stores across Albania were to be rebranded and rebuilt under a new name and with a fresh brand identity.

Where possible we utilised the existing retail infrastructure to create an efficient rebrand process, minimising disruption to the store network.

We focussed on creating an appearance and experience which stood out against the market competition.


The existing Telekom Albania retail network consist of 128 stores of various sizes and footprints. The new concept was created to provide unified services and product offer across Albania.

Store planning

There are two distinctive zones in the new One store providing defined areas for product and service offers. When entering the store, customer is drawn into the light and bright product zone that clearly distinguishes between different product offers. Key focus is given to product promotions within each category, making it easy for the customers to navigate and understand the offer.

Services area is distinctively different and welcomes customers to interact with staff within a more personal and comfortable atmosphere. The store is specifically designed to improve interactions between customers and staff.

Materials and finishes 

Shopfixtures have been designed making the best use of existing retail infrastructure. Security systems, cable management and lighting is built into the shop fixtures, allowing for effortless product changes and numerous marketing opportunities future proofing the concept.

Flooring, wall and ceiling finishes are carefully selected to create a clear distinction between the product and sales areas.

Combination of timber flooring laid in the herringbone pattern, and navy-blue porcelain tiles creates a beautiful, yet practical combination. Wall finishes follow the same philosophy and assist to reinforce the difference between services and product zones.  

Lighting is used to draw focus to key areas of the store, including halo lighting in the product areas and a linear lighting dividing the two areas of the store.

Logo and brand identity

We worked in close cooperation with Telekom Albania and a local branding agency to create a correct balance of the logo not only in print and electronic media, but also on the shopfront and within retail environment.

The brand blue colour is used on the store façade creating recognition which differentiates the One brand from the competition. The whole width of the store façade is illuminated, assisting to take ownership of the whole building and allowing the store to come to life at night.

The customer passes through a large blue circle ‘portal’ to enter the store, this detail is then repeated in the store interior. A combination of clear and frosted window glazing is used to control views into the stores, as well as providing necessary privacy to the staff.

Instore brand graphics and messages are carefully selected to reinforce the brand identity.


Working through the most difficult period of the global Pandemic, One Telecommunications has gained an entirely new identity which gives the customer a new and improved experience.

Following the launch in September 2020, the new design concept has been proven to be a success and continues to be rolled out across the whole store network in 2021.

We continue working on the One Telecommunications Flagship store design concept that will be launched in Tirana early 2021.


Thank you KVB team! You did amazing work and provided great support!

Athanasios Paraskevas, CCO Commercial Division

One Telecommunications


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