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Fresh Bazar

Flagship Store opens in Bucharest

July 2019

The brand new Fresh Bazar concept store was opened in July 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. Yet another brand within innovative Mega Image brand portfolio, the Fresh Bazar is created to appeal to a health conscious consumer, drawing inspiration from modern organic focused brands.

Fresh Bazar brings together the best fresh produce offer, including fresh fruit, vegetables, ready-to-eat foods and take away coffee.

Our role was to create a full Brand Identity, Façade and Signage concept for this exciting brand, which simultaneously linked with the other Mega Image stores and also stood apart as a stand-alone brand.



Reval Cafe

New concept café at Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre 


June 2019

New Reval Café has opened in Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre, the very first and largest shopping Centre in Tallinn, Estonia. Located in a prominent corner position adjacent to the main  entrance, the new Reval Café is well visible from the main road into the shopping centre.

Reval Café offers a destination for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner working seamlessly from early morning to late night. The new Café features a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, with new service counter concept and zoned seating areas, dedicated to short, medium and long stay customers. Decked outdoor terraces offer the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful summer weather of Estonia.

The café has made a mark in the Reval Café brand portfolio, offering a new and exciting design direction to be seen in future Café openings..

Mega Image 

Connecting customers, brand and stores

April 2019

Mega Image, Romanian leading Supermarket chain and part of the Ahold Delhaize Group, launch the brand new Loyalty Scheme and Connect Card, designed to connect customers, brand and stores.

As part of our continued collaboration with Mega Image we were tasked with creating a full brand identity for the new Mega Image loyalty scheme which provides a personalised shopping experience for all customers. We created a full brand identity for the new loyalty scheme including the Name, Visual Identity, Card Layout and Instore communication package.



PR Foods

PRFoods Showcase Heimon at Seafood Expo, Brussels

March 2019

PR Foods is a Fish Farming and Production company with facilities in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Scotland. Since 2017, the sales have been expanded to 37 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

The group owns Heimon Kala that they premiered with a new concept at the Seafood Expo 2019 in Brussels.

KVB Design have worked with PR Foods on an upcoming retail concept, and from this collaboration we were asked to design their exhibition stand at this year’s show. The concept, based on just one of our retail concepts, was extremely well received and made the show a huge success.


United Airlines

United Airlines goes for Gold again.

April 2019

KVB Design in collaboration with United Airlines, design their latest on board amenity kit. The Saks Fifth Avenue / United Airlines amenity kit is shortlisted for ‘Best Business Class the Americas’ at the 2019 Travelplus awards.

The winners to be announced in April at the World Catering and Services Expo, Hamburg, Germany.


Osprey London

Osprey London brings new design to the O2 Icon

March 2019

Expanding Osprey London’s brand high street presence, we were tasked by Graeme Ellisdon to create a new retail format, focusing on Osprey’s wide range of curated collections. The new 1,100 square feet concept store showcase Osprey’s bestselling products along with a wide range of their rotating products, which are fun, practical of premium quality.

The challenge was to create a retail concept that will stand out in the Outlet market, combines personality and flexibility in order to communicate the unique Osprey London brand and meets the needs of today’s customers.

Germanos Glyfada

5 times winner at the Greek Retail Awards 2019

 February 2018

KVB Design receives 5 awards at the Greek Commercial Retail Awards 2019 for our Germanos Concept Store at Glyfada, Athens, Greece

SILVER, Best Interior – Non-food retail & Telecommunications.

SILVER, Best Visual Merchandising

SILVER, Best Store Window.

SILVER, Best fixtures, materials & finishes.

BRONZE, Best Concept store.

Temple Spa

Take a Meditterranean Meander with Temple Spa

November 2018

After several years of successful collaboration KVB Design were tasked with designing the new Temple Spa Christmas collection for Autumn-Winter 2018.

The design concept draws inspiration from the origins of the Temple Spa brand, taking the customer on a meandering journey through the Mediterranean.

Germanos Glyfada

New flagship store opens in Glyfada, Athens

Sept 2018

Following our long co-operation with Germanos, Greek technology retailer, we are pleased to present Germanos new flagship store, opened on the 25th September in the influential Glyfada area of coastal Athens.

This is a new generation store occupying 3 stories retail space. The store features several areas for live product experience such as Gaming, Smart Gadgets, Smart Home, 3D printing and TV etc.

The store has an innovative feel, completely new environment through which customers can try and experience the latest technology products in comfortable and homely settings.

This store is all about customer experience, product innovation, service and comfort.

United Airlines

United updates its Amenity Kit offering

July 2018

United Polaris® premium cabin celebrates their namesake, the North Star, with our latest amenity kit design on long haul international flights. The tin kit retains the iconic oval shape with addition of a satin finish and star pattern to compliment the design.

These beautiful kits contain everything travellers need to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and revitalized including a signature padded eye mask and cosy socks in United colours, along with skincare products from Soho House & Co’s Cowshed Spa.

Gourmet Panorama

New food market concept opens in Vilnius, Lithuania


Panorama Shopping and Entertainment Centre is home to a new Gastronomy house which brings together 20 plus premium food stores under one single roof.  Offering fresh meat, fish, seafood, luxury drinks, pastries, desserts and organic food by local retailers, the new Gourmet centre is thrilling customers’ taste buds with world class cuisine flavours.

Gourmet PANORAMA is where the customer has more space, where the customer ‘after breezing through your daily chores’ can find a place to relax and a place where they can feel at home and enjoy some of the very best freshly-made local delicacies and dishes.

Reval To Go

New take-away Cafe concept at Solaris Keskus


We continue our association with Reval Café, the Estonian Coffee and food retailer, working with Reval’s owners and their marketing department.

The working brief was to create a totally new takeaway concept with the first new retail outlet opening within the newly refurbished Solaris Shopping Centre in Estonia’ capital city of Tallinn.

The new concept sets out to transform the look and feel of Reval Cafe with a new takeaway concept featuring Reval’s superb offer of specialist coffee and takeaway food.


United Airlines

Saks Fifth Avenue Kit wins Gold Award

April 2018

KVB Design and Linstol win Gold at the Travel Plus awards 2018.

We were awarded the honour for our work carried out in collaboration with United Airlines and Saks Fifth Avenue winning best Business Class kit for The Americas.




Greek Commercial Retail awards

January 2018

Continuing our long association with Germanos, the Greek telecommunication company specialising in high-end electronic devices, computers, mobile telephony and internet solutions.

KVB Design and Germanos received three awards by the Greek Commercial Retail Awards 2018 for outstanding design work.


Iconic United 747 Amenity Kit

November 2017

To commemorate the final United 747 flight on November 7th 2017 we were working with Linstol and United Airlines to create an iconic Boeing 747 inspired amenity kit.

This was the last 747 aircraft in service before being replaced by a more up to date model.

A completely unique oval shaped tin was created for the more premium cabins. Check out the full story in our projects section.

Temple Spa

Avant Garden gift collection

October 2017

Great design proves a success with the Christmas 2017 collection selling out by early December 2017, which is a true testament to the success of our wonderful cooperation with Temple Spa. 

The design of the AvantGarden gift collection was designed to reflect Temple Spa brand ethos and be inspired by Mediterranean. 

United Airlines

Olympic special edition Amenity Kit

April 2017

The world travel Catering Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany hosted the 2016 Travel Plus Airline Amenity Bag Awards where 52 airlines competed in over 16 categories.

A win was awarded for the category “Most innovate Amenity kit” for the United Airlines Business Class Olympic Tin.

Reval Gelato

New Gelato concept at Viru Keskus

Reval Cafe, the Estonia coffee brand company approached us to design a stand-alone retail concept for their new Italian Gelato Ice cream product range. Creating a colourful, fresh and fun environment that fits seamlessly into the Reval Coffee brand whilst having a refreshed look.



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