One Albania – retail identity

Strategic advantage through distinct colour


Creating new retail identity – design that reflects brand personality

Following the takeover by 4iG in Hungary in spring 2022, the whole store network of One Telecommunication stores across Albania and a vast number of ALBtelecom stores were to be rebranded and rebuilt with a fresh brand identity. The intention being to join two brands under one umbrella. Merging the heritage and experience of ALBtelecom at home internet and TV services with the modern mobile capabilities of One.

To communicate the brand merge, we were asked for a proposal that would unify the two distinctively different brands and lay a path for the new One retail brand identity to be launched in 2023.

Reinventing our hugely successful retail strategy for the future, where we use the prominent store facades as a marketing medium to talk directly to the customers. We used over 150 existing and new store locations for this purpose, making marketing very relevant/prominent. 

Our solution was to retain the main functionality of the store, the layout, customer experience and staff functions. We invested in the areas that makes the strongest impact and benefit most from the change i.e. replace blue floor with neutral grey, amend the shop fixtures with new design, add new colour pallet, graphics and signage concepts. Details were selected to redefine the relationship with the customer.

Although the store footprint is very similar to our original design, it now appears as a completely new store concept. Its bight, bold, positive and reflects the new brand values.

New landline, Internet and TV services from ALBtelecom product portfolio were introduced seamlessly into the stores product portfolio.

Store refit with a new brand identity started in autumn 2022 and 150+ One Albania stores now reflect the new brand values with colour recognition is at every customers touch point.



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