One Super Family

Choose the power to combine


New brand merge 

In spring 2022, One was acquired by Hungarian 4iG Group along with another iconic telecom retailer, ALBtelecom. The intention being to join two brands under one umbrella. Merging the heritage and experience of ALBtelecom at home internet and TV services with the modern mobile capabilities of One.

To communicate the brand merge, we were asked for a proposal that would unify the two distinctively different brands and lay a path for the new One retail brand identity to be launched in 2023.

By working as ‘creative directors’, we approached the task conceptually to create One brand platform to illustrate the vision a dynamic, human, leading ‘brand that delivers’, under campaign headline ‘Choose the power to combine’. 

We created a clear vision to illustrate a collaboration between two distinctively different brands. The design focuses on visual brand attributes and works simultaneously for both companies. Merging brand colours of azure blue and burgundy red, the adjoining brand area highlights a new collaborative colour of purple . Individual brand messages along with the joint campaign headline assists to deliver the message of a new ‘One Super Family’.

The new brand identity created a foundation for communicating strategic brand messages across all customer touchpoints within both brands, such as in physical retail stores, online applications, cross-sales, and marketing materials. Unifying both brands under one umbrella.  



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