Mega Image new appearance

Lifting the image of the leading concenience brand


New façade and window branding

Our long cooperation with Mega Image, the leading supermarket chain in Romania continues.

Lifting the image of the leading convenience food brand

In 2022, the original Mega Image façade concept was updated with an increased amount of red brand colour lifting the store appearance and making it to stand out against the competition.

To complete this transformation, we created a new window branding concept that in the process of testing and will be implemented in 2023.

Tying together instore and outside experience

The stripe motif on the Mega Image façade branding and new instore colour concept are bought together on the new shop window design.

It focusses on the key attributes that the customer is looking for. The illustrative and bold aesthetic of the graphic design reflect the fast-paced buying process that takes place in this type of grocery retail.

Ease of implementation

The design concept was developed specifically with the aim for an easy roll-out to the many various retail locations. Be it in town or a countryside, this is a solution that works for all stores.

The new Mega Image façade and instore signage concept will be installed across Mega Image retail network in 2023 giving the stores a fresh appearance and enhancing the buying process.

“For us, with every partnership, people always come first. With KVB, our brand partner since 2016, it’s about a team of awesome people who make awesome work, constantly striving to bring forth the best possible solutions. They’re our brand friend and beyond.”

Adrian Nicolaescu,

Vice President marketing, communication and e-commerce Mega Image




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