Konzept Haus Interiors

New Retail Concept

April 2021

Over the past year we worked with GARANT Group, the international B2B buying group, to create a new furniture retail brand Konzept Haus Interiors.

A revolutionary new concept in the furniture industry, Konzept Haus brings together the real world experience of retail, the convenience of online and a unique personalised service in the customers home. Konzept Haus brings the iconic German furniture design and style to an international audience, drawing on the modern cultural movements of Germany as a centre for creative thinking.

The store philosophy of “Create Your Kollektion” puts a focus on combining the furniture and accessories into coherent collections, rather than focusing on singular pieces of furniture. Personalised ‘Interior Design Service’ assists customers to create their unique personal living spaces.

The Konzept Haus Interiors retail brand was launched to the public in April 2021.


Konzept Haus Interiors
Konzept Haus Interiors

Konzept Haus Interiors retail concept is available for franchise.

KONZEPT HAUS Franchise – German Lifestyle, Quality and Service (konzepthaus-franchise.com)



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