Premium experience by Linstol, Meridian Audio
and us.

Meridian Audio & Linstol

First Class noise cancelling headset


At KVB Design, our founder has always considered that ‘connecting like-minded people’ is of paramount importance. Having travelled the world extensively and worked with many major names and players within the world of retail, another example of this ability to connect is seen in the partnership of two quite different companies: Linstol, the US Airline industry cabin supplier of passenger products and Meridian Audio, the premium audio specialist.

Linstol and Meridian have been bought together by KVB Design and now provide global airlines with premium noise cancelling headset.


Having been introduced Linstol entered into collaboration with Meridian Audio to create a new premium noise cancellation headset. The intention was to reflect high end headset design created for audiophiles and enthusiasts, allowing airlines to provide their first class and business class customers with a premium experience.


KVB Design worked in collaboration with Linstol to create the design concept for their new premium NCB 275 noise cancellation headset. Premium materials and finishes where incorporated into the over ear design. The attention to detail was essential as the future customisation options for airlines were key. Cost effectiveness needed to be considered due to airline budgets, so the quality needed to come across in the design as well as the technology.


A worldwide collaboration between international players.

The new active noise cancelling NCB 275 headset for the modern First Class Cabin.


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